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 Love symbols, the very word that reminds us of shape of heart. Thus, love symbols are great way in expressing your love. Other than heart shape, there are series of love symbols are available. There is one interesting aspect about the love symbols that you should know. Every civilization and country has its own types of love symbols and they carry significant meaning of their own. Thus, symbols can say a lot about your feelings and can convey your message to the special person of your life.

Love Symbols and Their Meanings

  • Apple: Apple is not only symbolizes love, but also stands for fertility and abundance. There are series of stories one can find apple played a pivotal role in making the love bloom. The Greek god of wine, Dinoysus once offered apple to Aphrodite to woo and win her love. The apple also signifies feminine beauty and love. In China, apple is a symbol for adoration and peace.

  • Harp: Harp is one of oldest musical instruments and thus symbolizes love equal to poetry, art and music. The harp also stands for mythical connection of Celtic civilization that represents a bridge between earth and the heaven. Similarly, in Iceland and Norway, the strings of the harp represent ladder that symbolizing the elevated states of love and path showing the way to paradise.

Love Cupids

  • Cupid: Cupid is a Greek word that means desire. Many times cupid are shown blindfolded in famous paintings and art that symbolizes the blindness that people suffer when they are in love.Cupid struck lovers go crazy in love. Ever wondered why people fall in love? What makes them fall in love with each other? There's a reason behind everyone falling in love and they say it's Cupid, the mischievous son of the Goddess of Love, Venus. Venus is responsible for making two people fall in love. Legend says when someone gets hit by Cupid's arrow then they fall in love with the person he/she sees first.During the Valentine's Day, beautiful cupid centerpieces and showpieces are commonly gifted by the lovers to each other. Cupid painting, greeting cards, wallpapers, wallpapers and screensavers are popular with love mates.

Love Hearts
  • Heart: It is the most common and most widely recognized symbol of love. The heart is considered as the sole "culprit" when people fall in love. Love blooms when two hearts meet. It's the pure magic of love that captivates hearts and love happens at first sight. In the game of love it's only the heart that rules. We are the puppets and we do exactly what our heart says. Musical Hearts, greeting cards featuring hearts and love poems describing feelings of your heart are popular amongst love couples. Over the decade hearts have inspired poets and writers to write memorable pieces of art on it. Undoubtedly heart pierced by the cupid's arrow is one the most famous and recognizable valentine's symbols.

Love Roses

  • Rose:You say 'I Love You' and the picture of a boy giving red rose to a girl comes in our mind. Love is synonymous to red roses. Roses are the ultimate form of expression of love. Proposals and love affairs are incomplete without the exchange of red roses. Rose is said to be the queen of flowers. It symbolizes peace, love and forgiveness. Valentine's Day, the day of love, celebrated on 14th February, is the perfect time to send roses and romantic gifts to your loved ones. Roses come in 72 different colors and each color of rose expresses different emotions. Yellow rose is for friendship, white rose is for peace. Black roses mean farewell. Pink roses mean friendship or sweetheart. Interestingly red rose is for love. On the Valentine's Day the importance of the red rose is evident when you see young lover flocking the florists shop to buy flowers and give it to their sweetheart. You too be one of those mad lovers and delight your sweetheart with bouquet of red rose.
  • Love Knot:Young women in strict Muslim households used to send their pledges of love to young men through messages woven through the knots of a carpet in an Arab tradition. This tradition of sending messages through the knots gave birth to the concept of love knots that continues to this day.

Love Doves

  • Love Birds and Doves:It's commonly believed that on the Valentine's Day, birds found their mates. Doves signify purity, meekness and innocence. Love birds and doves are the endearing symbols of the spirit of the Valentine's Day. Beautiful centerpieces of these two birds made of glasses and ceramics adorn gift shops. They make popular Valentine day gifts celebrating the essence of love.

Tips to use Love Symbols

Choosing the right love symbol is very important. Love symbols helps in assisting to focus on the energy. Thus, you must choose love symbols to allow the opportunities in your favor.
  • Since, love symbols are plenty so choose a love symbol that best expresses with you.
  • Place the image in a position, where you can see it often. This will help you to understand the energy and the link involved to it. If possible meditate with the symbol to get deep into it.
  • Appeal to the symbol every time before you to sleep and after you wake up. In fact it would be good if you make daily entries of your feelings that comes up in your heart and mind. Other than symbols if any image comes to your mind try to draw a picture of that or write a description of the image.
  • The last, but not the least try to remain positive on your idea of love and trust on beauty and purity of love.

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