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Flirting is an art and you need to master its skills to emerge as an excellent flirt. Everyone do not have this talent. However with practice you can definitely master the skills. You can also try the top 10 flirting tips that are published in many magazines as well as available on different websites.

The top 10 flirting tips are as follows:

1. Women are very fond of attention. So always ensure that you notice carefully everything that she wears and everything that she likes. You can comment on it later to make her feel special. This is the best amongst the top 10 flirting tips.

2. Complement the person for every little positive thing he/she does. After all, every human being likes being appreciated.
3. A very important point in the top 10 flirting tips is do not show too much eagerness. Do not be over friendly and please do not ask for his/her phone number on the first day of acquaintance.

4. Always present your self as attractive before the person you want to impress. Show off your personality and good manners.

5. Good humor is an important feature of a successful flirt. Crack some light hearted jokes and if she smiles then you can be sure that you are on the correct path towards friendship. However make sure that you do not heart anyones sentiments in the process. 6. Another very successful flirting tip is to strike up a healthy conversation. Talk about something that you both are interested in. For example, you can talk about sports, art work or even a political issue.

7. Ignore everyone to make him/her feel important.

8. Portray yourself as a person of taste and knowledge. Use nice words while conversing. If you want you can even look up some interesting words in the dictionary. However make sure that you do not use any word you do not know the meaning of. This will save you from using them in wrong contexts.

9. Always keep a happy smile on your face. It is general that people with a pleasant temperament are always appreciated.

10. Ensure that you always maintain an eye contact. Your body language is a very important feature in successful flirting.

The main aim of flirting is to have fun. Make sure that you do not hurt anyone in the process of flirting. Try the flirting tips in valentine.dgreetings.com to be successful.

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