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Attracting a woman sexually is an art, at which not everyone is an expert. In fact, majority of the guys will find the task to be quite intimidating. While it is true that rules of attraction are different in case of women, when compared to men, discerning them is not so difficult also. By highlighting certain aspects of your personality and making just the right moves, you can get almost any women attracted towards, that too with a sexual inclination. Need some more help? Go through the tips given in the following lines and know how to sexually attract women.

How To Attract A Female Sexually

Look Good
One of the basic requirements for attracting a woman sexually comprises of looking good. Though certainly not the only deciding factor in the game of attraction, your looks do play a crucial role in making someone notice you, in the very first instance. It is true that if you dress up well and carry yourself with flair, people end up looking at you. So, don't lose the chance of attracting a woman by looking shabby all the time.

Personality Does Matter
Along with the looks of a person, it is his overall personality that can make a woman glance at him the second time. Your manners i.e. the way you walk, talk and even stare should convey how comfortable you are, in your own skin. You need to show off the chivalrous aspect of your personality as well - open the door for her, offer to mover her seat, let her be the first to be offered something, etc. This will surely make you stand out from the crowd.

The Approach
When the issue is about 'sexually attracting women', making the right approach is half the battle won. Remember, most often than not, 'first impression is the last impression'. In fact, if you fail the first time, you might not even get the chance to make the second impression. So, you need to make yourself an expert at 'approaching a woman'. Approach her in a way that doesn't make your intentions too obvious, but surely expresses your interest in her a bit.

Conversation Is The Key
When it comes to attracting women, especially in a sexual way, remember that conversation is the key. It will tell her all about your nature, you way of thinking as well as the kind of person you are. It also serves as one of the ways to intrigue her and make yourself all the more attractive to her. You should try to find out topics of mutual interest and be able to hold a conversation well. If you have the ability to talk and listen, you will surely feature high on her list.

Humor Will Help You Get Your Way
By now, you must have impressed her quite a lot. Now, is the time to use the last weapon in your arsenal, to seduce her completely. One of the quickest and the most effective ways of gaining a woman's approval is to make her laugh. If you can bring a genuine smile on her face, you can make her do anything (well, almost). However, make sure that the humor is subtle, and not too loud or in the face. You need to be funny, but not a clown, so don't go overboard.

Eye Contact & Light Touch
You have played all your cards by now (almost). Now, allow the conversation to take its flow, letting her lead you. However, make sure to maintain eye contact with her throughout the exchange. Once in a while, let your gaze linger to other areas of her face, especially her lips. But, do not stare. Have a friendly smile on your lips and indulge in a light touch (by accident of course), but not more than twice or thrice. Then, wait for her to guide you the rest of the way!

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